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Win Valuable Geek Prizes

You can win equally twisted and "valuable" prizes by contributing your knowledge and experience to the development community. A new contest will begin each month.Yes, one of these prizes can be yours simply by contributing to the development community.  You can also see how your fellow IT Professionals are doing in the current contest by checking the  top point earners .


September 2009 Contest: 9/1/2009 to 9/30/2009

Grand Prize: The Telekinetic Obstacle Course
How agile is your mind?
This is the game that uses your focused brain waves to maneuver a ball through an obstacle course. A headband and two earlobe clips measure theta wave activity produced by your brain (similar to EEG monitoring technology used by medical professionals). As you relax and concentrate, the headband sends a wireless signal (based on your mental commands) to the game's air fan, which increases or decreases its speed, suspending or lowering a foam ball; a knob enables you to turn the gameboard in order to move the ball through one of eight obstacles, including hoops, teeter-totters, baskets, or chutes.

The Telekinetic Obstacle Course Winner: Brendan Enrick  29,500 Points

1st Prize: The Spy Kite.
Spy Kite Will Take Your Snooping To New Heights
This is the kite equipped with a digital camera, enabling you to take aerial pictures from as high up as 80'. The camera secures to the underside of the 45" x 23 1/2" delta wing kite and can be set to take a picture at 15-, 30-, 60-, or 90-second intervals. It can store up to 25 pictures at 640 x 480 resolution or as many as 305 pictures at 320 x 200 resolution on its built-in 4 MB memory. When your flights are complete, the camera connects to your computer running Windows XP or Vista via USB for image downloads. The kite is made from durable nylon with sturdy fiberglass supports.

The Spy Kite. Winner: Kevin Griffin  27,500 Points

2nd Prize: Family Guy Monopoly
Gigity Good Fun!
Now's your time to get stinkin' rich. Buy, sell and trade Quahog's prime real estate. From Cleveland's Deli and Mayor West's Mansion to Hugs & Kisses (the good kind) Daycare and the sovereign nation of Petoria - it's all up for grabs. Gouge your opponenets every time they land on your property, build Homes and Mansions to fortify your Quahog empire and ultimately bankrupt your opponents. Do you have what it takes to claim world dominance? THIS GAME IS SWEET!

Family Guy Monopoly Winner: James Pendarvis  27,000 Points

3rd Prize: The Live Action Flying Duck Hunt.
Bringing Duck Hunt to Life
This is the live-action shooting game that lets you hunt a flying duck with a harmless infrared gun. A 10-second charge on the barrel of the gun energizes the mechanical duck for a 30-second flight (Play Video). The duck's 6" long mylar wings flap up and down nearly 500 times per minute, and it can be set to fly in an erratic left- or right-turning circle or a level, straight line. Sharp-eyed hunters take aim with the infrared gun--the first two hits merely stun the waterfowl, momentarily interrupting his flapping; the third hit downs the duck for good. The single-shot blaster has a 20' range and makes a loading sound with each pump.

The Live Action Flying Duck Hunt. Winner: John Blumenauer  17,750 Points

4th Prize: Saturday Night Speakers
Shake Your Groove Thing
Go ahead and shake your groove thing with these Saturday Night Speakers! If you long for the disco days of platforms and bellbottoms, our Saturday Night Speakers are sure to help you get your groove back!

Saturday Night Speakers Winner: Fabio Carucci  15,000 Points

5th Prize: Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon
Bacon will save you
The season is summer, not sure the month. We've been holed up in TG HQ for seven years now. The zombies have fought long and hard, but the tide is seeming to finally turn. We will survive this invasion, this walking pestilence. We will, because we were smart enough to stock up on Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon. Yes, we have been surviving on bacon. That is why we are strong; that is why we'll win.

Tac Bac - Tactical Canned Bacon Winner: Scott Robison  12,650 Points

6th Prize: PLAY-DOH Cologne Spray
Eau de PLAY-DOH?
Those fresh-from-the-can, full-of-potential, childhood memories... Now in a convenient spray! This Play-Doh Cologne was created to celebrate the 50th Birthday of Play-Doh! Hasbro said the fragrance is "meant for highly-creative people, who seek a whimsical scent reminiscent of their childhood." Close your eyes and you're back in kindergarten all over again! It's amazing how the scent of Play-Doh can take you to another time and place.

PLAY-DOH Cologne Spray Winner: Kelly Cassidy  7,500 Points

7th Prize: Digital Measuring Tape
Records your measurements for easy reference
Getting accurate measurements is important whether it's a repair project in the garage or a new experiment in the lab. Sometimes a fraction of an inch can mean the difference between a successful experiment and a complete meltdown. Of course we realize that sometimes complete meltdowns are the experiment. So, in the interest of more accurate meltdowns measurements we offer this tape with digital display.

Digital Measuring Tape Winner: Brad Jones  6,190 Points

8th Prize: Desktop Swing Ball
Fast-moving Swing Ball is an indoor playground game!
Slap it, smack it, spin that ball around and around the centre pole! Swing ball is like tetherball (but smaller). Sturdy plastic base has suction cups to mount it to your desk or table. Players hit the ball with paddles and try to move the ball to the top or bottom of the spiral. Challenge your co-workers today!

Desktop Swing Ball Winner: Brian Schroer  4,000 Points

9th Prize: Floating Match Illusion
Levitation at Your Fingertips
Rabbits from hats and goofy card tricks don't impress us. We're more on the Pen and Teller side of the magic spectrum. Slight of hand... that's too much practice for us. That's why we're only offering you the finest illusions which require very little skill to execute.

The Floating Match Illusion allows you to levitate any small light object over the surface of a playing card. It comes with some wooden matches to levitate, but really you can hover anything that is small and light enough. Afterwards you can pick up the item you hovered and allow complete examination of it. You can even slip another playing card underneath while hovering the item.

The beauty of this illusion is that it basically works itself. The first time you hover something you'll probably amaze yourself and be puzzled as to how the trick really works. No skill is required and no practice is needed.

Floating Match Illusion Winner: Harish Ranganathan [MVP]  4,000 Points

10th Prize: PacMan Bandages
Waka waka waka waka waka
Game over! Cure even the ouchiest of owies with one of these uber cool retro Pac-Man Bandages. Featuring three retro Pac-Man graphics so you can pick your favorite one to help heal your owie. Each tin contains 15 bandages in the three different graphics.

PacMan Bandages Winner: Renso Hollhumer  4,000 Points

Featured Developers

Damir Tomicic
President of Ineta Europe, Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft MVP Solutions Architect and Founde

Nikita Polyakov
Nikita Polyakov has a great Blog Site, Campus K0der

Michael Ruminer

Michael is a Microsoft MVP in Visual Developer – Team System and a Principal Consultant with Mage

Faisal Khan
Faisal currently working at Vectorform as a Silverlight developer. His passions revolve around creat

Peter Ritchie
Peter has been working professionally in software development for over 16 years.  He's been wor


2/19/08 - 2008 Hall of Famers inducted
17 New members to the Community Credit Hall of fame were inducted. You can read about them and the reasons why they were inducted on the Hall of Fame page.

1/25/08 - Grafitti AddOn released
Keyvan Nayyeri just release a Grafitti AddOn for Community Credit. It is actually part of a bigger package of REALLY Cool AddOn's that you should definitely check out. You can check it out in Keyvan's Grafitti Extra's CodePlex project.

1/17/08 - Community Credit Toolkit released
Keyvan Nayyeri just release a toolkit for community credit to simplify the use of the Community Credit Web Services. If you are using the web services in your community or would like to, I would recommend checkint it out in Keyvan's CodePlex Project.

10/15/07 - We have a new Newsletter Editor.
Everybody congratulate Lou Vega as our new newsletter editor. We may now have newsletters that go out on a regular basis.

05/30/07 - Newsletter changed to use Constant Contact. The newsletters will no longer be accessible online, but they will look alot better.

2/19/06 - Newsletter Section has been added. The current and past newsletters can be found in the new Newsletters page.

11/18/06 - Newsgroup Submissions Get Automatic Credit For those hardcore posters in public newsgroups, you can now get automatic credit for your contributions. If you are interested in this feature, just drop me an email at admin@community-credit.com

11/01/06 - Big Contest: a Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2005 Team Suite with MSDN® Premium Subscription! If you are the most active discussion board poster in the last two months of 2006, you will be the winner. Simple as that! details...

08/02/06 - Community Server AddOn Released Get Community Credit automatically for your blogs and discussion posts. Check it out

07/23/06 - Discussion Board Added You can now post discussions in our new forums. Check it out

02/24/06 - Web Service Beta Program started. You can now integrate Community Credit Web Services into your own website. If you are a website owner that would like to automatically reward your members for their contributions, please take a look at our Affiliate Program

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